All businesses sooner or later face the need to reconstruct their future. Businesses must innovate, or they will die.

They will need to destroy part or all of the incumbent business model in order to build their breakthrough, future-ready organization. This book will take you through a new method of leadership thinking — the Phoenix Encounter — relevant to all organizations in today’s high-velocity digital era of firestorm disruptive change.

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“The Phoenix Encounter Method by the three INSEAD professors and Ram Charan, shows how leaders can transform their organizations into innovators of tomorrow. It offers a proven method developed based on the authors’ long years of academic research and practice. It is filled with compelling insights and examples. It is a rare blue ocean of the transformation topic and is a must-read.”W. Chan KimCoauthor of Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift and the BCG Chair Professor at INSEAD

“The post-COVID world will be very different. What business will need to succeed is leaders with new mindsets and the capacity to engage deeply in very different strategic conversations. The Phoenix Encounter Method delivers on both counts. What’s more, we have used it, and it works.”Anand MahindraChairman, Mahindra Group

“For far too long, strategy has been stuck in a static world.  The Phoenix Encounter Method advances a methodology that recognizes that sustainable competitive advantage is a myth and offers an approach to rethinking strategy when advantages are transient, and competitors can come from anywhere. The method introduces not only dynamism, but emotion, mindset and leadership into the creation of your next strategy. It’s a powerful combination to reshape your tomorrow.”Rita McGrathProfessor, Columbia Business School

“Today, as the information age compresses time frames and unforeseen crises such as Covid-19 destroy existing organizational structures, the most critical leadership question is no longer ’how do we minimize error and maximize efficiency?’ but ’how do we reinvent the future when everything is constantly changing?’ The Phoenix Encounter Method provides an answer. Insightful, necessary, and incredibly timely, this book teaches leaders to abandon outdated methods and begin a journey of dramatic change.”Erin MeyerAuthor of The Culture Map, and coauthor with Reed Hasting of No Rules Rules

“Thought leadership from world leading management academics, coupled with Ram Charan’s unique ability to make dense and fairly complex content digestible for business leaders, The Phoenix Encounter Method is a must-read for HR and other leaders facing an incredibly difficult business terrain marked by COVID, social unrest, and economic downturn, and then use the method to navigate a new path forward.”Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.CEO, Society for Human Resource Management, and coauthor of The Trouble with HR

“The need to find a burning platform to catalyze change has been well documented. What has received less attention is a way of preparing for and responding to this challenge. At DBS, we found that it paid to be paranoid, to anticipate competition from unlikely contenders, to try and master the new technologies to stay a step ahead. The Phoenix Encounter Method takes many of our learnings and packages them in a program (and in this book) that seems very impactful. It is a systematic way to prepare defense and launch offense, leveraging new work styles and technologies. A fantastic read for leaders seeking to survive and succeed in this dramatically changing world.”Piyush GuptaCEO and Director, DBS Group

The Phoenix Encounter Method empowers leaders and instills the confident Phoenix Attitude required to imagine burning their business to the ground and then resurrecting it from the ashes.

This method forces leaders to create a much wider set of radical options for innovation and business model transformation through unconstrained strategic debate. It is a confronting battlefield of completely opposite perspectives to challenge the leader’s status quo, confirmation-seeking, and legacy blinkers. They can then revolutionize their organization with a future-facing blueprint to lead it to new heights.

The book contains the know-how and real examples for leaders to start their journey of dramatic change. Our method was developed and tested with more than fifteen hundred executives in INSEAD’s Advanced Management Program and other senior leadership programs since 2016. It works.

The Phoenix Encounter Method book will be released on October 27, 2020. To stay informed, sign up through the form above. We will send you an update when it is available.

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