Thought Pieces

October 2020

My Wakeup Call with Dr. Mark Goulston: Episode 146

Podcast interview with Sameer Hasija about about needing to totally let go of your past and destroy your company in order to move into the future.

Numberly: Live session with Paddy Padmanabhan

Interview with Paddy Padmanabhan about The Phoenix Encounter Method.

Adam Mendler: Embracing Disruption

Interview with Paddy Padmanabhan about The Phoenix Encounter Method.

September 2020

Disrupt Your Own Business First

Ian, Paddy, Sameer & Ram – MIT Sloan Management

The Phoenix Encounter Method: Lead Like Your Business is on Fire

Podcast interview with Sameer Hasija, by Change Management Review

July 2020

Will Facebook’s salary-by-location move set precedent for tech?

Ian C. Woodward and Sameer Hasija quoted by Janina Conboye – Financial Times

From the Experts – Navigating Leadership during a Pandemic

Ian C. Woodward – Interview by Grayling New York

June 2020

Managing Business and Culture in the Rainforest: The Arenga Rainforest Case

V. Paddy Padmanabhan & Dominique Lecossois – INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society

How Transparency and Collaboration Revolutionised Supply Chain Management

V. Paddy Padmanabhan – INSEAD Research Impact

Why Public Healthcare Systems Weren’t Prepared for the Pandemic

Sameer Hasija, Shantanu Bhattacharya & Luk Van Wassenhove – INSEAD Knowledge. Healthcare resource sharing can be the difference between life and death. And it can be done without sacrificing agencies’ autonomy.

Will the Pandemic Push Knowledge Work into the Gig Economy?

V. Paddy Padmanabhan, Sameer Hasija & Prashant Rampal – HBR article

May 2020

Make Sure Your Business Lives to See the Post-COVID Resurgence

Sameer Hasija – LinkedIn post and video

Securing Supply Chains in an Era of Turmoil

V. Paddy Padmanabhan – INSEAD Knowledge Podcast

World’s Largest Fresh Food Market knocks on Parisien’s Doors

V. Paddy Padmanabhan quoted by Angelina Rascouet – Bloomberg

Reimagine the Future – How To Rethink Tomorrow For You and Your Organization

The three professors – Ian, Paddy & Sameer to participate in the Thinkers50 and Outthinker Strategy Network’s global virtual summit on May 6

April 2020

Are Robots Overrated?

Sameer Hasija & Aarti Gumaledar – HBR article

New Opportunities of Technology

Sameer Hasija – LinkedIn post and video

COVID-19, Empty Shelves and the Bullwhip Effect

V. Paddy Padmanabhan – LinkedIn post and article. Lessons from dealing with past supply chain disruptions can help us mitigate the COVID-19 crisis.

March 2020

“CEOs, Cash and Covid: What Every Company Must Do ASAP”

Ram Charan – writing for Chief Executive

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